logo_1.gifNature Friends is a non-profit membership organization whose purposes among others are:

  • To acquaint its members with the opportunity to appreciate nature and the natural scenery of the country.
  • To encourage the study of nature and to disseminate the knowledge of the natural sciences.
  • To support and aid the protection, conservation and preservation of woods, wildlife and the natural features of this country.
  • To promote friendship and good relations with other organizations and individuals who are sympathetic to the above stated purposes.
  • To acquire, build and maintain lodges, shelters, houses. and other places of recreation.
  • To arrange meetings, social and cultural activities, exhibitions and lectures in relation to the purposes of the club.
  • To promote the selective use of its facilities to generate revenue to support the organization.

We have two facilities in the Los Angeles, Southern California area.

A lodge and Retreat Center in the city of Sierra Madre and a cabin in the San Jacinto Mountains.