You can easily join a group of friends who, like you, are interested in nature, conservation, hiking and the outdoors. We have prepared this prospective membership information to briefly describe the benefits of joining the club. Dues are $50 per year per person or $70 per year per couple, plus a $20 initiation fee. To do so, you will need to meet at the club in person, tour the club and fill out an application form.

Before you join

Before you can join and be accepted as a member, we need to get to know you and that takes time. We recommend you attend events and meet our members. If you decide to become a member, you need to express interest and you will also need to be sponsored and recommended by two members in good standing who will sign your membership application. Your application is then submitted for consideration and approval by the Los Angeles branch executive board.

About our group

Organization – Nature Friends is organized as a non-profit corporation. In the USA, it consists of branches in San Francisco, Oakland, Heidelman (near Lake Tahoe), and our branch in Los Angeles (Sierra Madre).

We are affiliated with the International Nature Friends (The Friends of Nature) organization which operates more than 1000 houses and lodges all over the world, mostly in Europe. Each country has a separate, independent organization.

All of these locations have facilities that usually include meeting rooms, sleeping accommodations, kitchens, etc, but their size varies and each is unique and independently managed. As a member, you can usually visit and stay at most of them, at a reduced member rate which varies widely.

Facilities – Our own branch in Los Angeles operates the Sierra Madre lodge, and the San Jacinto Cabin, described later on. The other California branches have similar facilities in Muir Woods (near San Francisco), Oakland and Heidelman (a ski lodge in the Lake Tahoe area).

The Sierra Madre lodge has comfortable sleeping accommodations, which are available to you, your family and friends if you want a quiet place to stay for a few days or to hold an event. Reservations need to be made in advance ahead of time because it is often used, and may be already occupied fully by others. Often members, guests, and friends use the Sierra Madre lodge for weddings, parties, meetings, retreats or similar events. Call for rates and available dates.

Operation – The day to day activities of the Los Angeles branch are managed by a local Executive Board, consisting of 4 officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus 5 Directors. All elected annually by the members. The Board usually meets one a month in the Sierra Madre lodge.

Committees – Your direct involvement with the Club is welcomed by participation as a member in any of the several ad-hoc Committees that concern themselves with Cabin, Membership, Outreach, Hospitality, Archives, etc.

Activities – In addition to the meetings, the Club organizes a number of hikes, outings, cabin weekends, dinners and socials. The latter generally include a potluck lunch at the Sierra Madre lodge.

The Monthly Bulletin – As a member, you receive a Monthly bulletin in the mail, including information about all branches, including the Los Angeles one, which gives news, reports, and programs about Club activities. The Bulletin is put together in San Francisco from material contributed by all branches. Often the Los Angeles branch will include a special flyer with the Bulletin, covering branch activities. Always call the event leader in advance to confirm date and time.

Cabin – Our branch operates a beautiful cabin situated on the flanks of Mt. San Jacinto, (the peak towering Palm Springs). The facility includes 3 buildings, which contain sleeping accommodations, chemical toilets, running water from a natural spring, kitchen and dining room. It has no electricity. The cabin is available for use by members on specified cabin weekends. Prior to being able to use the Cabin on your own, however, you must be trained by a member of the Cabin committee on proper opening, closing, procedures, maintenance, and security. This is necessary to minimize the cases of occasional vandalism we have had to face, as well as to assure proper care of the facility.

Workdays – Occasionally we hold a workday at our Sierra Madre lodge. This is an opportunity for members to help maintain our beautiful facility. You are encouraged to attend and help.

Members – You are also encouraged to bring friends and associates with you to any Club activities and to suggest they become members as well. Of course, the Club needs new members in order to continue to grow and thrive. As members, people can contribute to the Club in many ways; by cooking or bringing food to Club events, by donating money or needed articles such as kitchen equipment, appliances, furniture, by offering special talents such as accounting, legal, typing, secretarial, mailing, handyman, or by helping to organize activities, just to name a few.

Any Questions? – Please text/call us at 626.355.0117. Text for a faster response.