This page will answer the most commonly asked questions about Nature Friends Los Angeles, including booking an event, becoming a member, our history and more.

About the Club

Nature Friends LA is part of Nature Friends California and Nature Friends International. Nature Friends is a non-profit membership network whose purposes among others are:

  • To acquaint its members with the opportunity to appreciate nature and the natural scenery of the country.
  • To encourage the study of nature and to disseminate the knowledge of the natural sciences.
  • To support and aid the protection, conservation and preservation of woods, wildlife and the natural features of this country.
  • To promote friendship and good relations with other organizations and individuals who are sympathetic to the above stated purposes.
  • To acquire, build and maintain lodges, shelters, houses. and other places of recreation.
  • To arrange meetings, social and cultural activities, exhibitions and lectures in relation to the purposes of the club.
  • To promote the selective use of its facilities to generate revenue to support the organization.

We have two facilities in the Los Angeles, Southern California area. A lodge, retreat and event venue in the city of Sierra Madre and a beautiful cabin in the San Jacinto Mountains.

The Nature Friends was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1895 to provide members and their families with places to go and enjoy nature and encourage the study of nature related subjects. The Club soon spread throughout Europe and many lodges and clubhouses were built, usually in forests, ski areas or close to wilderness areas. Find out more.

Nature Friends Los Angeles is a member of the Nature Friends California (a non-profit private membership corporation). Their are two other California Nature Friends branches, one in Oakland and the other near San Francisco. Links to each are below.

San Francisco

Hosting an Event

Booking an event is easy. But first you must tour our facility and become a member of the club. This is mandatory. Once you’ve become a member we can book your date. Lastly, you’ll need to secure your event date with a Reservation fee. Please refer to our Fees Page for full details. If booking a wedding refer to our weddings page and see our selection of affordable wedding venue packages.

It depends on the size. Currently we have a reservation fee (regardless of event size) that is used to secure your date. Then you must pay fees per person depending on day/night use. Our rates are very affordable compared to other event venues in the LA area. A full list of fees is listed on our Fee Page.

People book a variety of events at Nature Friends LA, including weddings, memorials, yoga retreats, work retreats, men’s and women’s retreats, workshops and so on.

Amenities include the following: A kitchen, bar, indoor and outdoor dining areas. Multiple outdoor platforms for ceremonies/speeches, etc. Dance floor/auditorium with dance lighting (lasers, disco ball, etc) and a stage for theatrical performances and presentations. Multiple outdoor semi-private seating areas for small groups to gather outside the clubhouse. Two all-gender restrooms. A library with books and a TV. Parking for 15-20 cars. High speed fiber internet throughout the buildings.

40-80 folks is the most common event size, but we have had events with as many as 140. It really depends on how you handle parking and the type of event you are holding. There are about 150 chairs available on the property.

Yes, you can cancel/postpone an event. But, events must be cancelled 90 days in advance to receive a refund on your reservation fee.

If you choose to postpone your event, we can keep your reservation fee and apply it to another event date of your choosing. You are only allowed to postpone an event one time, and once postponed your reservation fee is non-refundable.

You can contact us by email or phone, 626-355-0117. Email is strongly preferred.

We have three small parking lots which will accommodate 15-20 cars. Car pooling and the use of shuttle services is required to accommodate large groups.

Sorry, but we do not offer event planning services.


Memberships are open to all who are genuinely interested. To become a member you must visit the club and take a tour. Alternatively you may visit our club during one of our socials and speak with a Board member who can give you an application. We do not accept online applications. During your visit you can fill out the application card and pay the membership fee. The membership card will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and you will then be sent a membership card in the mail.

Please check out of membership information page for the latest membership price.

  • Membership to our branch grants you access to all Nature Friends locations in the US and Europe.
  • Access to our clubhouse in Sierra Madre, CA. Including our WiFi, library, TV, etc. And the ability to stay overnight in our dormitory space.
  • Access to our rustic cabin in San Jacinto, CA.
  • You can attend monthly club sponsored events (most club-sponsored events are free) and access to special member-hosted events.
  • Regular events like hikes, camping, etc.
  • Ability to host your own private events, including weddings, workshops, retreats, etc. You cannot host an event at NFLA without a membership.
  • Social connections and memories that last a lifetime.

Overnight Stays

First, you must be a member of any other Nature Friends branch. Second, contact our caretaker to schedule an overnight stay. Overnight stays are only booked via email. 

We have two private rooms with double beds. One private room has it’s own bathroom with a shower, the other has a bathroom with half bath. There are also four bunk beds. There are additional showers in a room attached to the building. We also have a washer and drier, air conditioning, WiFi, and space heaters for your comfort and entertainment.

While we love animals, we can not allow pets to stay overnight inside our dormitory. We do not have the staff to clean up pet allergens and pet hair. Sorry for the inconvenience.