Policies and Regulations

By booking an event or overnight stay at Nature Friends LA you agree to the following policies. Please read the policies carefully. These rules are meant to keep your event safe and fun, and prevent costly damages to our community space. These rules are enforced by the Caretaker, who is backed by the NFLA Board of Directors. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in a $500 fee and/or loss of rental privileges. 

Membership Requirement
The person booking an event or overnight stay must be a member of Nature Friends LA or another Nature Friends branch. Becoming a member is easy, so please inform the Caretaker when you are booking that you would like to become a member. 

Your membership must be current when you book and on the date of your event. 

Core Responsibilities of the Renter
You are expected to leave the facility in the same orderly state in which you found it. Garbage should be put away in bear-proof trash bins, all dishes washed, dried and put away in their original spaces, windows and doors closed, and lights turned off. (If your event is multiple days, garbage and dishes must be done and all food put away at the end of each daily session, before leaving/sleeping.) Put back any furniture that you might have moved for your event. Shut off any gas or electric heater or air conditioning unit that you may have used. Pick up any trash left laying around the property. Upon the Caretaker’s inspection the day after your event, the property must appear as it was prior.

Use of Equipment, Fixtures and Amenities
Please use all equipment, fixtures and other amenities (lighting, sound system, fire pit, kitchen appliances, beds, showers and all other types of objects) responsibly. Respect that our organization’s members work hard to maintain the equipment on our properties and that replacing or reconfiguring them comes at great expense and inconvenience to our organization. Please do not alter, reprogram, or disassemble any fixtures on our properties without written permission of the Caretaker specifically. Unauthorized uses, such as mentioned above, will result in fees and you may be held responsible for replacing, repairing any broken objects.

Private Event Setup/Breakdown Times
Setup of an event begins at 8am on the day of the event and checkout/breakdown is noon day following your event, unless written arrangements have been made with the Caretaker in advance.  

Garbage, Food Waste
Please put food waste and general, mixed garbage in the black bear-proof trash/garbage containers in the kitchen and grounds and parking lot (trash area).

Recyclable materials should be put inside blue recycle containers in the trash storage area at the end of the lower Yucca parking lot. Recycling is for dry, non food items only. These containers are not bear proof.

Green Waste
Green waste (leaves, green cuttings, twigs, flowers, etc.) are to be put in the upright green containers.

Leftover Food
Take all leftover food with you, unless you’ve made an agreement with the Caretaker. Please do not leave food laying about the kitchen or refrigerators. We can seldom use it and it will spoil and will have to be thrown away by our volunteers. Failure to remove leftover food may result in bear break-ins, and all resulting damage from such break-ins will be passed on to you.

If you decorated the facility for your event, please remove all decorations before you leave, unless you have previously agreed with the Caretaker. If you have rearranged/removed any of our Clubhouse decorations, please put them back exactly as they were before your event.

Fire Safety and Smoking
Due to the extreme risk of fire in Sierra Madre, the use of ember producing fires (i.e. burning wood) is not permitted anywhere on our Clubhouse or Dormitory properties. However, guests are permitted to use our charcoal grill, our propane fire pit, or their own propane camping grills. Traditional flame candles are also not permitted without permission, but LED candles are fine. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to cover smoke alarms of obscure fire extinguishers. Doing so is highly dangerous and will result in a $500 fee. There is NO SMOKING of any kind inside the buildings or anywhere on the property. 

Alchohol Usage
1. Legal Drinking Age: Only individuals of legal drinking age are permitted to consume alcohol during an event. You are required to validate age by inspecting valid photo IDs.
2. Moderation: Those consuming alcohol must do so in moderation. Excessive drinking and intoxication will not be tolerated and alcohol usage must be monitored by event hosts and their bartenders.
3. Behavior: Anyone exhibiting disruptive, aggressive, loud or otherwise inappropriate behavior due to alcohol consumption will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
4. Designated Areas: Alcohol consumption is restricted to the clubhouse property only. Drinking is not permitted on the dormitory property, or in public areas around the clubhouse such as Yucca Trail.
5. Service Limitations: Your staff should refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated or is behaving in a manner that poses a risk to themselves or others.
6. Alternative Options: Non-alcoholic beverages should be readily available to promote moderation and inclusivity.
7. Transportation: Individuals who appear to be intoxicated will be encouraged to use safe transportation options such as taxis or ride-sharing services.
8. Training: You agree to use employees serving alcohol who are trained in responsible serving practices to recognize and handle situations involving excessive drinking and intoxication.

Use of Substances Other than Alcohol
Use of illegal substances is not permitted on our properties. You agree to refrain from use of such substances.

Dormitory Use
The dormitory is for sleeping and quite activities (reading, listening to music on headphones) only. If you use the dormitories, please be quiet and do not disturb others that may be trying to sleep. Before you leave, remove all used bed linens and towels and place them on top of your bed. Do not wash your own sheets and towels. Please clean up any messes with the supplied broom and dustpan. Check in starts at 3pm and checkout is at 12pm, unless other arrangements have been made with the Caretaker. 

Kitchen/Bar Use
The kitchen and bar are available as an amenity for any event upon payment of kitchen fee. Those staying in the dormitory may also use the kitchen to prepare basic meals between their 3pm checkin and 12pm checkout times. Guests under 18 must be assisted by an adult while cooking. Guests assume responsibility for any kitchen accidents, such as burns, cuts, etc. 

Event Noise Level
We maintain respectful relationships with our neighbors, and expect you to honor that. If you have a live band, or are using drums or playing loud music, we ask that the sound level is reduced by 10:30 PM. We are inside a residential neighborhood, and if excessive noise or sound is generated, neighbors will complain to the police and you will have to deal with the police directly and you will be responsible for any tickets and fines.

Event Parking
While double and triple parking is OK in our parking lots, please make sure you leave the free street access to the Clubhouse on Yucca Trail. Do not block any of the streets (Yucca Trail and/or Woodland Dr.). Our lots will hold approximately 20 cars. If you require more parking, you must secure private parking or use public parking.

Event Signage
While it is natural for you to try to put signs in the streets directing participants to the site, please be aware that there is a city ordinance in Sierra Madre prohibiting putting up signs on public property without a permit. The ordinance is enforced by the local authorities, and you (and Nature Friends) may be fined for doing so. Please refrain from putting up any signs on the street.

Please pay the fee for your use of the facility one week before the first day of your event. We are unable to extend credit. We accept all major credit/debit cards. We accept checks from local, longstanding members only. The group leader must be a current member and pay the complete bill. We cannot accept checks issued by third parties. 

Prices can change at any time without notice, however we will honor the price posted at the time you booked your appointment.
Current prices will be applied on reserved events only for the 12 months after the reservation has been made, as long as a specific date has been set and covered by a corresponding reservation fee and the signed agreement. Beyond the 12 months, should prices have increased in the meantime, the new prices should apply.

Children must be supervised by an adult guardian at all times. There is no event charge or overnight charge for children under 6 years old. 

Pets are not allowed inside our buildings, except for certified and registered service animals. Well behaved, well trained pets may be kept outdoors on the property, but must be kept on a leash out of the way of heavy foot traffic and building entrances.

Note: We reserve the right to modify this policies, rules, and regulations at our discretion at any time. Last Update: April 6, 2023.