Policies and Regulations

Policies and regulations for users of this Nature Friends facility

Please follow these policies and regulations to help us and make your stay and use of the facilities more comfortable.

1. General Conditions
You are expected to leave the facility in the same orderly state in which you found it; garbage and trash should be put away and all dishes washed, dried and put away in their original spaces. Please close all windows, turn off all lights, and replace any furniture that you might have moved for your event. Shut off any gas or electric heater that you may have used. Pick up any trash left on floors, gravel or steps. If you took out beanbags or pillows from the back of the stage, please replace them when finished.

2. Recycling
We recycle. Recyclable materials should be put inside either:
a) one of the red containers under the Bar (marked “recycle”) or
b) One of the tall, dark blue recycle containers in the trash storage area at the end of the parking lot.
Recyclable materials are:
– All aluminum and steel cans
– Glass bottles and jars
– Newspapers
– Cardboard
– Cereal boxes (liners removed)
– Junk mail
– Plastic containers
– Magazines
– Telephone books
– Grocery paper bags
Please do not put
– Leaves/green cuttings there
Please do not put
– Aluminum foil
– Ceramics
– Food waste and scraps
– Wax paper
– Light bulbs
– Plastic bags
– Styrofoam
– Scrap metal
(All these are not recyclable)
Green waste (leaves, green cuttings, twigs, flowers, etc.) are to be put in the upright green containers marked “Green waste”, at the far end of the parking lot.

3. Garbage, Food Waste
Please put these in the rectangular Black trash/garbage containers in the kitchen and grounds and parking lot (trash area). Ordinary garbage containers and food waste are NOT recyclable materials and should be put in regular trash cans, not in the recycle containers.

4. Leftover Food.
Take everything with you. Please do not leave it in the kitchen or even the refrigerators. We can seldom use it and it will spoil and will have to be thrown away.

5. Decorations
If you decorated the facility for your event, please remove all decorations before you leave, unless you have previously agreed with the Manager.

6. Beer and Soda
Nature Friends LA keeps a stock of beer and soda containers for sale to visitors in the main refrigerator in the bar. If you use any of these, please pay for them by depositing money in the slot on the bar countertop. We are an honor system. Do not use them without paying. A price sheet is on the door of the refrigerator.

7. Dormitories
If you use the dormitories, please be quiet and do not disturb others that may be trying to sleep. Make your own bed. Before you leave, remove all used bed linens and towels and place them on top of your bed. The manager will take them for washing from there. There is NO SMOKING inside any of the buildings in the facility. Also, we do not allow pets of any kind inside the buildings; please respect the privacy of others who may not enjoy your pets.

8. Noise Level
If you have a live band, or are using drums or playing loud music, we ask that the sound level is reduced by 10:30 PM. We are inside a residential neighborhood, and if excessive noise or sound is generated, neighbors will complain to the Police and you will have to deal with them. We maintain respectful relationships with our neighbors.

9. Parking
While double and triple parking is OK in our parking lots, please make sure you leave the free street access to the Clubhouse on Yucca Trail. Do not block any of the streets (Yucca Trail and/or Woodland Dr.)

10. Signs
While it is natural for you to try to put signs in the streets directing participants to the site, please be aware that there is a city ordinance in Sierra Madre prohibiting putting up signs on public property without a permit. The ordinance is enforced by the local authorities, and you (and Nature Friends) may be fined for doing so. Please refrain from putting up any signs on the street.

11. Payment
Please pay the fee for your use of the facility before you leave on the last day of your event. We are unable to extend credit. Volunteers carry on our operation and management, and we have no ability to carry receivables or to have to call you for collection. We will be happy to write you a receipt. Bounced checks are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and you may be liable for additional court and attorneys fees if necessary.

12. Pets and Dogs.
Dogs and Pets are not allowed at our facilities, except for certified and registered service animals. Dogs are still welcome on hikes, where owners must abide by local leash ordinances.

Note: We reserve the right to modify this policies, rules, and regulations at our discretion at any time.


Nature Friends Los Angeles is a Private Membership organization. Its facilities are NOT open to the general public. All Nature Friends activities are by invitation only. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person for any reason. Please call ahead before you visit our location and arrange an appointment. Do not come unannounced. We often have private events at our locations, and we appreciate your not disturbing them with unannounced visits.

Last Update: July 14, 2015